Student Programs


Student Leadership provides the pathway to success. With fun, relevant and fast-paced interactive modules, each student will learn how to harness their own ability to become powerful and effective leaders.

Through facilitated group activities, students learn the essential skills, techniques, tools and implementation for lifelong success:

• Effective communication
• Motivating & inspiring others
• Goal setting & career-planning
• Time & money management
• Presentation skills
• Organizational skills
• Student’s role as a leader
• Etiquette

Modules are hands-on, real world and applicable scenarios and guaranteed to produce effective results.

GET U POWER PRESENTING Presentation Skills

Actions speak louder than words. Only 7% of communication exists in the words that you say. The other 93% comes from your body language (55%) and your tone of voice (38%).

In this module, students will learn:

• Voice techniques to engage an audience
• Effective usage of pauses to create suspense
• Proper usage of body language

These skills will help students excel in competition, job interviews and when presenting in front of a group.


14 million students graduate each year and enter the workplace. In this session, students will learn how to gain a competitive advantage by using a personal branding approach. Additionally, the students will learn what employers seek in candidates, and tricks used by hiring managers.

Included in this module:

• Getting the job you truly want
• What employers are looking for
• Questions you should be prepared to ask
• Things you should never say
• Leveraging social media to land your “Dream Job”


Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.

Entrepreneurship is rising, and according to the Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics, the population percentage of entrepreneurship has never been higher.

The secret to happiness is to identify something you love to do, and then figure out how to get paid for it. The entrepreneurship module teaches the steps it takes to start a business, and immediately begin making money.

• Figuring out what the market wants
• Solving the problems
• Financing
• Business management
• Growth


Success at any level is tied to the personality of the individual and recognizing the significance one’s life has on one’s self as well as others. People communicate differently, think differently, and are motivated by different things. The most effective leaders recognize and understand all three.

This module identifies and explains the different color personality profiles, how to connect with others by mirroring verbal patterns, and provides instructions specific to one’s brain function.
Understanding the different personality profiles enables the students to have a clearly defined approach to successfully interact and manage all interpersonal relationships.


Research shows that only 3% of the world population can set a mid-term and long-term goal and achieve it. However, we are all capable of achieving short-term “mini” goals.

Students will learn a powerful model for achieving enormous success by using the “Commitment Tree” approach. Success is defined by, “the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like.”
We start by identifying what the student wants from life and what fulfillment means. Using proven mind-mapping techniques, we explore why that particular want inspires them. Together, we create a game plan based around that want that is tailored for life long success.


This isn’t your old school money management program.

The game has changed and wealth is a mental decision coupled with fiscal responsibility. Poor money management can be one of the biggest obstacles to long-term success. In this module, we focus on what it takes to be financially responsible without sacrificing the lifestyle Generation Next has grown to expect.

Students learn:

• The value of a dollar
• How to plan for the long-term
• Managing and controlling your finances today, not tomorrow
• Develop a ten-year financial plan for a lifetime of wealth


You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and no matter how well you know the rules of etiquette, you will eventually offend someone who doesn’t.

What does your image say about you? What could you change about your appearance that would have it tell the story you want to tell? Before you ever open your mouth, a job interviewer is making decisions based on your clothes, body language and hairstyle. While image isn’t everything, it is a lot of it.

This crash course module will build a foundation to help you through those sticky awkward moments, and the etiquette module outlines in specific the rules and guidelines for formal, professional and public appearances.

This module’s primary focus is:

• Dressing for success
• Projecting a positive, influential image
• Dining etiquette
• How to make proper introductions

Motivated Block Training System

The Motivated Team Building Block System is a fun, interactive and experiential training session that allows participants to observe individual and team behaviors.

Managers and employees need to work together as a unit to truly maximize the team environment. Accordingly, we help the team identify strengths, and provide the necessary tools needed to function efficiently. Participants go through 30 different activities in a team environment, solving problems and experiencing the training together.

The Lost Art of Listening

We are living in a technology savvy world, dominated by fast and efficient communication. Research has shown the amount of money one is paid is in direct correlation to their ability to listen.

The new generation of “Screen Agers” has lost of the art of effective interpersonal communication. Effective interpersonal communication has been identified as the number one skill employers seek in potential candidates. In this module, students will learn how to listen 80% of the time and learn the psychology of listening.


“Motivation via intimidation” no longer works. Generation Next needs coaches and mentors, and advisors are the ultimate resource for students today. Effective advisors must act as innovative thinkers, savvy goal-setters, expert communicators, risk-takers, mentors, coaches and counselors.

Lead by example and they will follow.

This module covers:

* Overcome self-limiting behaviors
* Leverage your strengths

Advisors leave this module motivated and empowered, with a newfound respect for their students, and with the ability to support them in achieving their goals.

One in three of all American children are obese, and this might be the first generation of American children who will not outlive their parents.
Past the litter of modern American society, i.e., all the candy wrappers, fast food bags, processed and chemically engineered food, lays a harsh truth about childhood obesity. Eating healthy is not enough. Eating clean and having an active lifestyle is the key to long-term health. Students will gain insight into the choosing healthier options, and learn about tricky packaging labels and what to stay away from and more…