Corporate Programs

Get U Communicating for Positive Results

Communication is easy for those who work at it. Studies show that 80% of all workplace problems stem from a breakdown in communication. Through our interactive training program, we will provide you the necessary skills to effectively communicate by identifying and eliminating potential problems. Thus creating a thriving workplace environment, centered on collaboration.

Participants will master the key to engagement and unlock the secret to inspiring and connecting with others. Through effective listening, and understanding verbal patterns, brain function and personality types, you will leave this program with powerful scripting techniques designed to eliminate workplace conflict.

Power Presenting

Actions speak louder than words. Only 7% of communication exists in the words that you say. The other 93% comes from your body language (55%) and your tone of voice (38%).

That’s right, the words you say make up only 7% of what your audience hears!

The corporate world has realized the importance of the presentation skills of their managers and employees. There is a direct correlation between developed presentation skills and the effectiveness, focus and goal oriented performance of their employees. The professional of today can no longer get by with ordinary run-of-the-mill presentation skills. By learning the art of motivation and passive and active communication skills, your employees will present with confidence and increase their overall job performance.

Participants will learn:

• Voice development techniques to improve delivery
• Effective body language, including eye contact, posture, and movement for maximum impact
• How to prepare concise, hard-hitting content for a memorable presentation

Customer Service

The age-old adage that, “The customer is always right.” is no longer enough in the corporate world 2.0. Now more than ever, understanding your customer’s concerns and proactively addressing their needs is the standard. Done effectively, customer interaction will support and elevate your overall business success.

This facilitator-led training program is for all customer service representatives, whether they work in call centers, at help desks, on the phone or face-to-face, hospitality or professional services, external or internal sales, or support.

Skills mastered in this workshop include:

• Building rapport
• Effectively and efficiently handling complaints
• Diffusing hostile customers
• Resolving conflicts
• Improving overall communication and productivity

Sales Super Star

There is no big secret to becoming a successful salesperson. The key is looking a person in the eyes and actively listening to their concerns. Therefore, Sales Superstar is about active communication; connecting on an intimate level with your customers and communicating about your product in a way that speaks to their overall needs. In the Sales Superstar training program, participants learn the three key modes of sales success:

• Technique
• Attitude
• Rapport

Team Player-Managers Role as a Coach

Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me, and more we.

Winning teams don’t just happen; skilled leaders who motivate and inspire their people to phenomenal success create them. The successful manager, supervisor or team leader in today’s workplace is a lot like the coach of a sports team. The tools may be a little different, but it’s your job to motivate your people; to mentor and train them to excel; to make sure everyone knows the game plan; and to deal with any conflicts that arise. The same innovative techniques, tools, and strategies used by the country’s most successful coaches are now available to you in this intensive two-day workshop: Coaching, Mentoring & Team-Building Skills. The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of every successful and great achievement.

No Manager Left Behind

“Motivation via intimidation” no longer works. Today’s employees are active, independent, impatient, creative, intelligent and demanding, and have no interest in being governed by a boss with an iron fist. Effective leaders must act as innovative thinkers, savvy goal-setters, expert communicators, risk-takers, mentors, coaches and counselors.

This fun filled, hands-on session explores new ways to motivate and inspire people, win their trust, and get them to go that extra mile for you when you need it. You’ll find out how new roles, challenges, and expectations for today’s leaders can work to your advantage. You will learn to create a work environment that encourages your staff to realize their full potential. This workshop is backed by proven success and has produced huge results for companies throughout the United States. Managers come away motivated and empowered, with a newfound respect for their employees and a new strategy for facing the challenges of today’s corporate environment.

Program Length: 1-2 Hours, Half Day, or Full-Day Sessions are available.

Motivated Team Building Block System

T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Achieves More

The Motivated Team Building Block System is an enjoyable, interactive, experiential training session that allows participants to observe individual and team behaviors. We help the team identify strengths and provide the necessary tools needed to function efficiently. Managers and employees need to work together as a unit to truly maximize the team environment.
Participants go through 30 different activities in a team environment, solving problems and experiencing the training together.

Covered in this session:

• The motivation hygiene theory
• What motivates others and how to get motivated
• How to delegate
• Techniques for developing the “I Am Principle”
• Developing productive efficient teams

A successful company is one where everyone owns the same mission. This program is a great way to bring your company together and to train them in professional and leadership skills.