Meg Brown

Inspirational Keynote – Cancer Suvivor

Meg Brown Inspirational Speaker Author and renowned speaker, Meg Brown, tells a spellbinding story to a thousand people as if she were sitting across from just one. With humor and insight, she shares the secrets of her survival from a nearly fatal bout with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Not only do Meg’s audiences discover her keys to surviving the fight of her life, they realize they can apply those very same survival secrets to their own challenges, whatever they may be.

Beginning in February 2002, Meg endured over 100 days in hospitals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. On November 6, 2002, she had a peripheral blood stem cell transplant from an unrelated donor, one of the toughest medical procedures to withstand.

In May 2003, after six months of recovery from her transplant, Meg began talking about the experience and what it taught her. Since then, Meg has shared her story with thousands of people. During that time she has also tutored junior high math students while completing her requirements for teacher certification — a process which had been interrupted when her illness forced her to leave The University of Texas.

Although Meg had finished her eligibility as a Texas Longhorn basketball player, she had one more year of college before she could start teaching and coaching. When cancer hijacked the game plan, her career was delayed for three years. In the fall of 2005, Meg began teaching math at Euless Junior High in Euless, Texas, where she also coaches basketball.

We Teach… We Motivate… We Save…

How many professions have the ability to enhance the mind, strengthen the spirit, and save the soul? A teacher has that opportunity. Meg Brown will share her six key attributes for survival — attributes which can help you tackle any challenge you may face. These six being EXPERTISE, POSITIVE ATTITUDE, LOVE, FAITH, EXERCISE, AND LUCK. Teachers represent these attributes for many of their students. All teachers should know they are not JUST A TEACHER. They are role models. They represent stability. For many students, they are life-lines.

Keeping Up the Good Fight!

We are all members of THAT club. We have survived it. We are fighting it. Or, we have been the support of those dealing with it. Whatever your role, you are part of the club and we can all lean on each other for guidance. Meg Brown shares her story of initiation as a member, and the six rules or survival secrets one needs to survive. The patient and family member will find that these rules are within themselves and Meg will inspire you to embrace them. Because of these secrets, Meg is loving and living every day of her cancer-free, healthy life.

Survival Secrets

Adversity can strike at any moment leaving you paralyzed with fear, uncertainty and doubt. How you react will affect the outcome. Meg Brown will share her six key attributes for survival — attributes which can help you tackle any challenge you may face. When adversity for Meg meant cancer at age 22, she relied on these secrets to survive:

  • Expertise ~ When times are tough, you need the knowledge, experience, judgment, guidance of professionals who have the tools to help you make it.
  •  Positive attitude ~ When times are tough, the bad is obvious. You have to find the good. With positive attitude comes the ability to laugh. Laughter is medicine.
  •  Love ~ When times are tough, let yourself be sustained by the affection and concern which comes your way from the people who care about you.
  •  Faith ~ When times are tough, faith is your one constant. Faith lets you talk, cry, laugh. Faith is your peace, your comfort, your strength.
  •  Exercise ~ When times are tough, you can still get your butt out of bed. Exercise short circuits self-pity, takes your focus off the problem, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  •  Luck ~ When times are tough, you can do everything right, but you might not have the luck

Dear Meg, I just finished your book and I am touched beyond words. I feel like crying it was so emotional. I read your book in 2 days, couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to share it with friends. I was at the Seattle Oncology conference and met you and heard your talk and it was the best ever! Speaking and writing and are really your callings!! I feel so close to you as you took me with you on your cancer experience. I am an oncology nurse and you and your book touched me beyond belief. I hope we can get you to Denver for our oncology conference, they to would love you. I laughed out loud many times while enjoying your book. I can’t thank you enough for sharing yourself with all of us through your writing. You are truly awesome and an inspiration to everyone. I hope you plan to write another book soon, I am totally ready to read it. I hope today is a good day and that you are feeling GOOD. Thank you so much for touching my life so very deeply.
— Love, Debby in Denver

Meg Brown is an articulate, passionate young woman who brings a compelling story to her audiences. She shares her life events of perseverance and triumph with grace and dignity. Meg defines the significant skills she has developed through her poignant life experiences. Meg challenges her audiences to examine their lives for those skills that bring about perseverance and self-confidence through any circumstances. You will be moved by Megs frankness, her genuine delivery, and her upbeat and humorous anecdotes.
—M. George Performance Learning

Meg was super! Words cannot express how superior this presentation was and how much we all needed to hear it!