Bryan Fiese

Founder / Keynote / Trainer / Entertainment

Bryan Fiese - Motivation Speaker

All-star speaker and professional entertainer Bryan Fiese has been performing on stage and thrilling audiences for the better part of two decades. Bryan travels across this great nation delivering keynote speeches and training and entertaining student groups, educators and corporations. A dynamic professional with a revered reputation in business management, training, education, entertaining and motivational speaking, Bryan has spread his customized, inspirational messages to well over one million happy audience members. His workshops, conferences, training events and awards ceremonies are highly popular, and all of his books on motivation are bestsellers.

On top of all that, Bryan is also the co-founder of motivational and educational consulting company Motivated Proformance, which delivers fun, fast-paced, interactive and research-based training sessions that include facilitated instruction and group activities. The participants in Bryan’s presentations learn effective, hands-on leadership skills, motivational techniques and effective communication tools.

Bryan has always felt that the increasing dependence students have on modern technology is creating a distressing lack of interpersonal communication skills. All of his educational expertise, which is powered by over 14 years of direct work with both students and educators, points him toward this conclusion. In response, Bryan is offering insights toward understanding this generation and providing clear, effective methods for connecting to and motivating students.

Bryan’s 2009 book, No Teacher Left Behind, addresses today’s troubling problems that confront the teachers of today. Among other raves, the book has been called the “essential” guide for any teacher who fears he or she is falling behind the times. Bryan says the days of teachers educating and commanding respect with an iron fist are gone, thankfully. “Motivation via intimidation no longer works,” is his refrain. Bryan is certain that today’s students – “Generation Next” – have reached the Age of Empowerment. “Today’s students seek coaches and mentors, not autocrats,” Bryan says.

Bryan’s hypnosis-themed comedic shows are always a hit wherever he performs – conferences, casinos, training sessions and college presentations. The crowds are continually wowed by Bryan’s specialized, high-energy style. A true original, Bryan’s skills as a hypnotist and his magnetic personality create an atmosphere full of excitement. These fun-filled, insightful and engaging shows are perfect for your conference, student activity or corporate event. Bryan has performed everywhere from gaming houses to grand auditoriums, amphitheaters to comedy clubs. You’re sure to enjoy every performance – they’re filled with all the fun, frenzy and madness you can handle while still engaging the heart and mind. That’s the Bryan Fiese promise.