Get-Motivated Get-Excited!
Have you ever felt like things couldn’t get any worse? Ever had one of those days when nothing went right and everyone you met seemed miserable and consumed with negativity? Well, rest assured, you are not alone. But, life is too short to be consumed with negative energy. While some things are out of your immediate control, you can always control your attitude and how you react to adversity. Bursting with humor and energy, Get Motivated – Get Excited teaches and explains the power of positive thinking, and exposes participants to specific techniques for developing an enthusiastic lifestyle. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes, and vice versa. This dynamic program teaches the exact steps to take for overcoming negative thoughts and people. Get Motivated – Get Excited outlines the ways to develop an unlimited reserve of enthusiasm, and helps you discover and hone your positive communication skills. Positivity determines the altitude of life. Start making your tomorrow, today.

Unleashing Your Power
People who have achieved greatness had a vision of their success, which guided their steps and behavior to their ultimate destiny. Did you know that as humans, we only use 10% of our brain’s potential by functioning only in a conscious state of mind and not investing in the subconscious? The subconscious mind acts as our body’s computer system, storing all knowledge, memory, beliefs, and attitudes — every single thing that has ever happened to us, most of which we have forgotten on a conscious level. Unleashing Your Power is a fun, entertaining program, which teaches you to utilize hypnosis and/or self-hypnosis to access stored information and program your subconscious to use that information to achieve success. Unleashing Your Power is a jaw dropping, hilarious and inspiring 60 to 90 minute exploration of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious minds. Audience members will observe and learn incredible techniques, which will allow them to connect their dreams and goals into action!

Old School vs New School
NEWS FLASH! For the first time in American history, four generations are often living and/or working side by side. Varying generational attitudes create problems and obstacles, which can lead to communication meltdowns resulting in hurt feelings and angry altercations. Old School vs. New School is a fun, multi-media program, which teaches participants how to develop communication skills drawing wisdom from each generation while learning tools and techniques to bridge the gap as well as developing leadership skills. Hilarious training videos from the ’50’s – 70’s help understand why people do what they do. Understanding is knowledge, and knowledge is power!

Mission Accomplished
Successful organizations know that it takes more than a good plan to succeed in business. An empowered organization must be focused on realistic goals with impassioned leadership! It takes vision! It takes a sense of purpose! It requires caring and dynamic leadership with the ability to motivate and instill a sense of teamwork to accomplish individual tasks and the goals at hand. Many organizations publish mission statements. But, often these statements hold no real meaning for the individuals within the organization, and there is never clear-cut plan of execution. Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, and a clearly defined definition of one’s purpose and/or vision is essential guiding you forward in the direction of achievement. If communicated well, your vision provides the inspiration needed for both you and your team. As one you are but a stream, together you are a rushing river of accomplishment barreling towards the ocean of success. Decide your purpose, today!

A new emerging leadership style has arrived! It is fueled by the most powerful, active, independent, impatient, creative, and intelligent generation of all times. And you drive it! Lightening quick minds, short and focused attention spans, and savvy