CoMeTrY is an exciting, energetic new art form that blends performance poetry and stand up comedy into clean, clever, observational entertainment. Each performance is designed to highlight the similarities, habits, and traits that we all share, but often go unnoticed. Every CoMeTrY  piece or “coem” does a few things: it tells a story, raises awareness, or delivers an inspirational message, all while making you laugh.


Many college activities boards struggle with getting students out to campus events. CoMeTrY can attract a wider variety of students by appealing to a broader range

of interests: those who have an interest in comedy, those who have an interest in poetry, and those who are curious about discovering a new hybrid form of entertainment. We will arrive early on campus to generate interest, excite students, and boost attendance for the show.


Many high school administrators have experienced this: the moment following an assembly when you realize that the speaker had a valuable message, great information, and was professional in their delivery. However, they connected more with the faculty than the students. Their message was lost in translation.

High school students are a part of the YouTube Generation, they crave entertainment. CoMeTrY specializes in Edu-tainment, the process of educating through entertainment. There is never a dull moment as educational messages are delivered in an entertaining fashion. We also recognize that repetition is a principle of learning, which is why we reinforce our messages following each comical poem.